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Admissions and Customer Service

A Comprehensive Team of Professionals

All of our customer service representatives, admissions advisors, admissions application reviewers, student services representatives and educational financial aid representatives are dedicated to providing top-notch service and an exceptional experience.

Admissions Advisors Passionate

Our advisors offer more than just advising services to our potential students. They also promote our educational institutions and programs by participating in events such as visits to secondary schools, career fairs, open houses and other networking activities. They guide future students in their selection of courses of study offered at our institutions.

Admissions Advisors On Campus and Abroad

We recruit students from all corners of the world. This is why we are seeking admissions advisors who easily form connections with other people, no matter their background. Our advisors know how to build trusting relationships and demonstrate respect for cultural norms and expectations and different communication styles.

Customer Service is Our Top Priority

Our customer service representatives are a key resource. They work one-on-one with prospective students considering our institutions for higher education. We are seeking energetic, courteous individuals with good communication skills to respond to requests for information in various languages, especially French, English and Spanish.